What Blank Canvas Living can do for you

Blank Canvas Living is a creative, eclectic, diverse interior and homewares studio that focuses on the design and decoration of interior spaces.

Bespoke Furniture

Can’t find the perfect piece of furniture for your home?

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Colour Consulting

Need a new brazen colour lift to your living rooms?

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Design Concepts

Do you need a new facelift for your living space?

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Fixtures, Fittings and Finishes

Looking for the latest WOW textures in your Living spaces to impress your family and friends?

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Floor Coverings

Don’t want to make a huge mistake by choosing the wrong floor surface for your home?

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Furniture Styling

Looking to move on and sell your home and want to impress prospective buyers, but have tired and out of date furniture and décor?

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Soft Furnishings and Homewares

Do you have a favourite piece of furniture you wish to keep, but it is tired and has dated fabric on it?

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Wallpaper and Fabrics

Want something elegant and timelessly classic or quirky and fun on your walls?

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Window Coverings

Having trouble deciding what window coverings are suitable for your living spaces?

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1. The need for a professional to assist you
Not obtaining the assistance of an interior designer for a major project – if you get it wrong it’s a costly exercise that you have to live with or more costly if you change it!
2. Research overload – head hurting, eyes sore?
Researching too much online – you become confused with product overload that making a decision on selections difficult to nail.
3. Colours change value from day to night
Trying to select colours in the evening, you are not getting a true sense of the colour tone and shadows change it’s light value.
4. Planning the storage areas
Not planning enough storage space in kitchens, laundries and bathrooms.
5. No matchy, matchy – same, same is NOT different
Don’t try to do the match everything colour tones for all your furniture e.g. timbers, fabrics.
6. Proportions of materials
Using small floor tiles on a large spance of floor area.
7. Want to keep scrubbing like Cinderella?
Using white grouting for wall & floor tiles.
8. Proportions of furniture and soft furnishings
Disproportionate furniture and floor rugs for the size of the room.
9. How Art thou?
Oversized or too small wall art on the walls.
10. Keeping the warmth inside
Not putting thermal and acoustic window coverings on the windows, as the heat goes straight to the windows instead of warming you.