Floor Coverings

Don’t want to make a huge mistake by choosing the wrong floor surface for your home?

There is a lot of floor space within homes, then you would agree that it is a significant investment you don’t want to get wrong, right? So selecting the appropriate floor covering is imperative. Flooring surfaces need to flow well in wet areas, to task areas and then to living areas that all connect together cohesively with colour tones, textures and proportionate balance. With access to a myriad of products, I can select the appropriate surface that reflects your family needs, activities, lifestyle, pet friendly options and budget requirements.

Offering you quality carpets in textures, twists, loops and plush piles with various weights of carpet eg 48 oz, 52oz and 85oz to meet your comfort levels. Also available is customised bespoke carpets to really make an ON TREND statement!

Quality timber oak flooring, sustainable bamboo and many timber species with many options to choose from. Beautiful floor rugs in chunky, textured natural fibres eg sisal, sea grass, coir, jute, wool, polypropele for indoor and outdoor use, will balance the living rooms in your home when using hard floor surfaces to add comfort and warmth. A wide range of customised and standard rugs sizes and colours are available for you.